Three Ships in a Harbor

Three Ships at the Shipping Point, 1913. The Barkentine ship, “W. F. Jewett,” front, anchored in Mendocino Bay at the Shipping Point. On the right is the steamer, Sea Foam, and center is the lighthouse tender, the Madrone. The Shipping Point was where the lumber from the Mendocino Lumber Mill was loaded onto outgoing ships by wire chute.

Today! Sunday, October 30, 11AM-12:30PM – Take a hauntingly beautiful walk through Evergreen cemetery, while your “spirit guide” (Kelley House curator, Marguerite O’Brien) brings to life some of the colorful residents of this 19th Century logging town with her storytelling. Meet the town’s pre-eminent builder, who also happened to be the undertaker. Chuckle at the story of Cinderella, who lived nearby and played a very mischievous prank to discourage inebriated men from taking shortcuts through the cemetery. Admire the artistry of the headstones and learn how to translate the symbols depicted on them. The tour meets at the Kelley House Museum, where the current exhibit “Good Mourning, Mendocino” reveals different cultures’ funeral rites and customs. $20 per person. Pay in person by cash or credit card at time of tour, or book in advance online.