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Isaiah Betz

September 16, 1914 - Brickmason Isaiah Betz died in Sacramento at the age of 85, following a stroke. Born in Ohio in 1829, Isaiah and his family arrived in Mendocino County in the 1870s, first settling in Ukiah, where he manufactured bricks and constructed brick buildings. In 1891, Isaiah and his only son Fred moved to Fort Bragg and established a brickyard near Pudding Creek. The [...]

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Apron Chute at Mendocino Shipping Point, 1896

Photograph of a ship being loaded at the Mendocino Lumber Company's shipping point. A smaller loading boat called a lighter is nearby. The structure on the far left is the freight shed. Rail cars loaded with lumber supplied by the nearby lumber yard (seen in the background) would enter it from the back side. The wood would then be sent out the front on an apron [...]

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Mendocino Hospital Company

September 8, 1894 - Dr. James W. Milliken joined the Mendocino Hospital Company as a consulting physician and surgical doctor. Dr. Milliken, an 1877 graduate of the New York Medical College, had arrived in Mendocino in 1883 and started a medical practice here the following year. Mendocino Hospital Building located at 10481 Howard Street, 1887-1910. A white picket fence surrounds the yard of this corner [...]

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Ukiah Street looking Southeastward, 1912 – 1922

An elevated view along Ukiah Street looking southeastward, taken from Perley Maxwell's water tower on Calpella Street near Kasten, 1912 - 1922. The building on the left is Apple Hall, built in 1912 and removed in 1944. Beyond it is the very tall Hagenmeyer water tower and J. D. Johnson's tower to its right, both now also gone. The Masonic Hall with its rooftop statuary is [...]

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THEN and NOW Photos: Justin Packard House

These two images, taken about 135 years apart, show the Justin Packard House on the northeast corner of Main Street and Evergreen Street in Mendocino. Justin E. Packard married Emma Zella Young in 1879, and O. B. Ackerman built this home for the Packard family in 1882. Justin was a jeweler and watchmaker who owned a Main Street shop with his brother Charles O. Packard, who [...]

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Mendocino Old Timers, 1973

Mendocino Old Timers at Saint Anthony's Sunday Potluck, 1973. While the men were being photographed, they added up their ages and came up with 472 years of Mendocino living. They referred to themselves as "Redwood Stumps.” (Photographer: Beth Stebbins) L - R: Joe Lenhares, Herman Fayal, Ernest "Bear" Madeira, Miles Paoli, James O’Donnell, and Tony Lenhares. MENDOCINO WATER TOWERS TOTE BAG - Fifteen of Mendocino’s iconic [...]

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Mary Brien Boyle Kenny

Studio photograph of the Kenny - Boyle family, c. 1888.Seated in front, L to R: Thomas Kenny (step-father) and Mary Brien Boyle Kenny, mother of the children.Standing in back, L to R: Mary "Mayme", Charles "Charlie", Francis "Babe", Jennifer "Jennie", and Walter "Fred". (Gift of William and Marie Ferrill) August 21, 1911 - Mary Brien Boyle Kenny died at the age of 69. She [...]

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Columbia Park Boys Club

August 14, 1912 - A large crowd turned out to see the Columbia Park Boys Club perform at the Odd Fellows Hall on the northeast corner of Ukiah and Kasten Streets in Mendocino. This club was founded in San Francisco in December 1895 by Major Sidney S. Peixotto to help at-risk boys in the south of Market Street tenements expand their opportunities through education, theatre, music, [...]

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John Deromeri Run Over By Auto

August 11, 1913 - John Deromeri, a Mendocino Mill worker who lived in a cabin on Big River Flat, survived being run over by an automobile at the corner of Lansing and Main Streets. Cars were still a relatively new invention, and the Beacon reported that John had little use for autos. “He don’t like their looks, he don’t like their speed, and in fact he [...]

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The Windmill at Heeser’s Sawmill by Wally Smith

The wind-driven sawmill built and operated by William Heeser on Little Lake Road originally published July 2, 1992 One of the strangest windmills erected in the Mendocino area produced not one drop of water for a residence or a store building. It ran a sawmill.  When William Heeser came to Mendocino from Napa County in 1857 to purchase for $6,000 some of the landholdings [...]

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