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Iconic Quilts Notecard Set 1 by Ocean Wave Quilters

Iconic Quilts Notecard Set 1

  • $14.00

Five different iconic quilted building designs with envelopes. Cover shows a photograph of the quilted building, back includes a brief history and b/w photo of building. Blank inside. Buildings shown: Kelley House, Mendocino Hotel, Presbyterian Church, Water Tower, Spencer Hills House

Iconic Quilts Notecard Set 2 by Ocean Wave Quilters

Iconic Quilts Notecard Set 2

  • $14.00

Five different quilted building designs with envelopes. Cover shows a photograph of the quilted building, back includes a brief history and b/w photo of building. Blank inside. Buildings shown: MacCallum House, Old Baptist Church, Crown Hall, Temple of Kwan Tai, Joshua Grindle Inn

The Iconic Mendocino Buildings by Ocean Wave Quilters

Iconic Mendocino Buildings

  • $40.00

This beautiful coffee-table book will delight anyone with a love of Mendocino and an appreciation for art. Twenty-six iconic buildings in Mendocino are colorfully-rendered on quilt squares. Each photo beautifully captures the detail and craftsmanship of the original, and is accompanied by a black and white photo of the building plus a brief history.

Cinderella of Mendocino by Gary Starr

Cinderella of Mendocino

  • $10.00

Based on the real Cinderella who lived in a yellow house in Mendocino in the 1860s. Gary Starr’s heroine takes both mermaid and human form as she leads readers on a fantastical journey through Mendocino’s past. She swims in water towers, collects seaweed, rides whales, and makes art. The gorgeous full-color drawings bring to life author Gary Starr’s magical tale. Includes a two-page factual history at the end, so readers can learn more about the real Cinderella, along with much of what makes Mendocino such a special place to live.

Byways to Highways: A History of California Route 1 in Mendocino County by Tonia Hurst

Byways to Highways

  • $20.00

Like every place in the USA, someone didn’t just say, “Let’s build a road right here!” Under every state highway is probably a county road, and under the road is a wagon track, and under the track is a horse trail, and under the trail is a Native-American path. Hurst’s exploration of the history of Highway 1 covers all of this in 50 pages and 40 photographs and is well-documented with 14 pages of additional notes and a remarkably extensive bibliography. – Katy Tahja, Mendocino County Historian, and author of an up-coming book.

From Maidens to Mavericks, Mendocino’s Women by Molly Dwyer

From Maidens to Mavericks

  • $20.00

Mendocino boasts some strong and remarkable women in its past. This volume honors and remembers some of them. For anyone who loves Mendocino, who lives on the Coast or claims some piece of it for themselves, discovering our foremothers can be transformational.

Coloring Mendocino by Streetcolor

Coloring Mendocino

  • $17.00

This is a work of art and coloring book by the artist Streetcolor, known locally for yarnbombing Mendocino, and widely known for her interactive drawing and coloring projects, and urban textile installations done in collaboration with many California museums. She has drawn 28 historic or contemporary scenes, some featuring early settlers drawn from photographs.

Up Lighthouse Road by Betsy Wolff Frey

Up Lighthouse Road

  • Ages 7-12 $10.00

Ginny lives in Pine Grove, Mendocino County, California. She is not pleased with her eighth-grade class assignment, which is to write an autobiography. To make the task more interesting, she decides to create an illustrated autobiography.

Thomas H. Petersen Master Shipbuilder by Louis A. Hough

Petersen Review

  • $15.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. Thomas Petersen built about three dozen wooden vessels: sailing schooners, a barkentine, steam schooners, steam tugs and lighters. Since most of ships were built on the Mendocino Coast, interest in his work here continues. Hough’s book is the first of its kind to document Petersen’s life and works, from his arrival in San Francisco from Denmark in 1857 to his final years in Seattle. In 1914, Petersen dictated his memoirs which provided much of the information that Hough used in this publication. 59 pages.

Mendocino (Book I) by Dorothy Bear and Beth Stebbins


  • $22.00

History, architecture, ethnic factions, climate, family histories — it’s all here. Tons of photos. For a good, single overall history of Mendocino life for 120 years, this is it.

Mendocino from the Beginning: Twenty Billion Years of History of a Small Town by Don and Wilma Tucker


  • $15.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. Geology, climate, redwoods, natives, explorers, logging, settlers, transportation, immigrants and architecture are all covered with more than 40 black and white photographs.

How Mendocino Evolved by Chuck Bush


  • $15.00

A Kelley House Museum Review covering the history of Mendocino and coastal growth during the logging years.

Mendocino and the Movies: Hollywood and TV Motion Pictures Filmed on the Mendocino Coast by Bruce Levene


  • $20.00

More than 50 films from 1904 to 2001 used local scenery and local actors in productions. More than 200 black and white photographs. 144 pages.

Early Mendocino Coast by Katy Tahja


  • $22.00

From the Sonoma County line to the Humboldt County line a century ago.. A tribute to the creativity and perseverance of the common working man. Images of America series.

Water Towers and Windmills of Mendocino by Wally Smith


  • $15.00

This Kelley House Museum Review covers the purpose and history of the water towers of Mendocino–both those gone and remaining.

Mendocino Book Two by Dorothy Bear and Beth Stebbins


  • $19.00

Meet the Ford family, founders of Mendocino. Learn about Henry Meiggs and the Mendocino Lumber Company and years of early local history.

Chinese in Mendocino County by Lorraine Hee-Chorley


  • $23.00

Written by a descendant of the first Chinese settlers in Mendocino, this book looks at occupations, how they were portrayed in the media, the Mendocino Temple of Kwan Tai and family histories.

1906 Earthquake


  • $15.00

Newspaper accounts and oral history interviews on the great quake. Twenty black and white photos showing local destruction. 16 pages

The Volunteers: History of the Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department by Walt McKeown and Linda Wilson


  • $15.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. Stories and photography on the history of the Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department. Recounts the great fires since 1870, countless heroic rescues and the camaraderie and struggles involved in keeping an all volunteer force intact from 1887 to the present day. 49 pages.

Perley Maxwell’s Mendocino by Bruce Levene


  • $25.00

A collection of over 200 stunning and historic photos by Perley Maxwell an amateur photographer who traveled along the Mendocino Coast during the late 1800s.128 pages.

Mendocino Indian Reservation by Robert Winn


  • $15.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. Why did the coast need a reservation? Where was it? Why did it close? Learn the history of very early times in Fort Bragg.

Mendocino City: A Daily Journal 1852-1938 by W. Francis Jackson


  • $18.00

Find out the news in Mendocino on any date in four selected years. Each month includes collections of photos and a historically detailed map of the town.

Bridges, Huckleberries, and Robin Stew by Robert Winn


  • $15.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. Oral history interviews, newspaper research and 30 black and white photos on the impact of government building projects and individual initiative during financially strapped times.

Eugene Brown, Mendocino Wells Fargo Agent by William Strobridge


  • $15.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. From the 1860’s to 1914, Wells Fargo agents were the business links to the outside commercial world. Learn about Wells Fargo’s presence in the town of Mendocino and their contributions to the Coast.

Ladies of the Afternoon by Jean Droz and Janet Barnes


  • $12.00

This Kelley House Museum Review covers the history of the Mendocino Study Club over its 100 years of club activities and community projects. 20 pages.

A Brief Commentary on the Hare Creek Surfers by Mick Lovett


  • $15.00

A Kelley House Museum Review featuring the history of the local Hare Creek Surfer Club, whose members traveled along the Mendocino Coast looking for waves. 31 pages.

Point Cabrillo Light House Review by Bruce Rogerson, Ginny Rorby and Jim Kimbrell


  • $15.00

A Kelley House Museum Review capturing the history of the Light Station and light keepers, and explaining the restoration of the buildings and property. 24 pages.

Point Cabrillo Light Station by Bruce Rogerson


  • $22.00

Why did the Coast need this lighthouse? What was life like then? How was it saved and restored? A history of the Light Station and its Third Order Fresnel Lens. Images of America series. B&W photos.

Sotoyome: They Parted the Forest and Out Rolled the Schooner by Louis Hough


  • $15.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. The story of the short troubled life of a lumber schooner built at Happy Valley along the Albion River in 1904.

Little River: Yanks in the Redwoods by Frank Baumgardner

Yanks in the Redwoods

  • $15.00

This Mendocino Historical Review recounts how Charles Pullen and Isaiah Stevens, early Little River pioneers, relocated with their families from Maine in the 1800s. Largely reconstructed from the diary of Etta Stevens, daughter of Isaiah.

James Dean in Mendocino: The Filming of East of Eden by Bruce Levene

James Dean

  • $15.00

This Kelley House Museum Review contains over 70 photos, press stories and the recollections of the people of Mendocino about the 1954 filming of this classic movie. 72 pages.

Comptche Volunteer Fire Department: The First Fifty Years by Katy Tahja


  • $15.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. Comptche, a small rural community in a mountainous area of Mendocino County did not have a fire department until 1964. After several devastating fires and a strong sense of self-sufficiency this group of volunteers is now a centerpiece of the town, strongly supported by the residents. 39 pages.

Life in Northwest Nowhere by Mervinius

Life in Northwest

  • $15.00

With an introduction by Bruce Levene that captures the spirit of the back to the land movement on the Mendocino Coast in the late 1960s and early 1970s, this book is a collection of cartoon strips by Mervin Gilbert who moved to the North Coast in the 1970s and began creating drawings for various publications in Mendocino and San Francisco. 176 pages.