Warehouse-garage originally built by William H. Kelley, 1957. The building is abandoned and boarded up. Rotary Park now occupies the space. The Lansing water tower and the Presbyterian Church can be seen in the background, with Schlafer’s Garage on the right. The sign on the fence reads, “Marvel’s Village Kitchen and Fountain. Old Fashioned Cooking” and refers to a cafe around the corner on Main Street. (Bette Duke, Robert R. Duke Collection, Kelley House Photographs)

August 7, 1880 – William H. Kelley was renovating his warehouse on the southeast corner of Albion and Lansing Streets. This structure sat on the property that is now Rotary Park.

In 1887, the Kiser brothers opened a meat market in this building. Over the next 25 years, eight different meat markets operated here.

In 1912, the Beacon reported that the warehouse building was again being renovated, this time to be used as a machine shop and garage. Later that year, Chester Byrne began operating a plumbing and general repair service from this building. That venture must not have lasted long though.

Starting in 1914, this building was primarily used as a garage and for storage. In 1917, John Triguerio parked his new truck here. Three men attempted to break in, but E. F. Alexander noticed them behaving suspiciously, and Constable Patton was summoned. Before the constable could arrive, Alexander, Dr. Brown, and Joseph Heisel returned to the garage after stopping for “heavy artillery,” but the three men had disappeared, leaving the door lifted off its steel track. Triguerio’s new truck was still inside.

In October of 1962, a windy storm blew down the building. The Beacon reported that the garage had not been used as a place of business for many years, but the debris “spread out beyond its foundation area into Albion street blocking that thoroughfare.”

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