Color photograph of the Sankey Gallery on Evergreen Street in Mendocino. (Bill Wagner (photographer), The Bill Wagner Collection, Kelley House Photographs)

August 6, 1965 – The Sankey Gallery announced an exhibit of paintings, paint drawings, and reliefs by award-winning artist Ada Garfinkel of Marin County. This Mendocino art gallery was operated by Laura and Elwood Sankey from 1963 to 1971, first on Little Lake Street, but by 1965, they had moved their business to a former rental cottage on Evergreen Street that had been painted red.

This building is one of two identical cottages built in 1886 by J. D. Johnson, the prolific Mendocino builder, for J. E. Packard. The twin cottages sat side-by-side on the east side of Evergreen Street. One was located on the corner at Ukiah Street, and the other, which would eventually become the home of the Sankey Gallery, was situated just to the north.

In 1891, Johnson acquired both cottages and began renting them out, but the cottage to the south burned down in 1898. The north cottage continued to be used as a residence until at least the 1930s.

In May 1971, the Sankey Gallery opened in their new location in Caspar. A new business, Moving On, a retail store offering new and used items, antiques, gifts, and jewelry, moved into the building. That store lasted less than a year, and in September 1972, the Coast Democrats made this building their headquarters. In 1976, the owner of the property, Roger Lovett, remodeled the home, added a two-car garage, and ran his real estate office from one room, while living in the rest of the house. Today, the home is a private residence.

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