A shipwreck in the water with timber planks washed up on the beach

November 15, 1860 – Twelve lives were lost in a terrible maritime disaster in Mendocino Bay. The brig J. S. Cabot had approached the loading chute to take on a cargo of lumber. Seeing the chute was currently in use, the captain attempted to turn back to sea but a sudden gale brought in a heavy sea from the south. Although anchors were dropped, the ship was dragged and capsized. The mate and six of the crew drowned. Captain John William Gage survived. A small boat was launched from shore to rescue the sailors, but the rescue boat was rolled over by a large wave. All of the would-be rescuers perished.

Cinderella of Mendocino by Gary Starr – Based on the real Cinderella who lived in a yellow house in Mendocino in the 1860s. Gary Starr’s heroine takes both mermaid and human form as she leads readers on a fantastical journey through Mendocino’s past. She swims in water towers, collects seaweed, rides whales, and makes art. The gorgeous full-color drawings bring to life author Gary Starr’s magical tale. Includes a two-page factual history at the end, so readers can learn more about the real Cinderella, along with much of what makes Mendocino such a special place to live. $10.