A narrow, two-story building in a grassy lot with buildings behind it

Photograph taken in the mid-1960s by Dutch photographer Gerrit Nagtegaal of what is now the Headlands Inn, located at 44950 Albion Street in Mendocino, on the corner of Howard Street. (Gerrit Paul Nagtegaal (photographer), Gift of Bill Brazill)

The Barry Building began as a barber shop on Main Street, on the lot just east of the Jarvis & Nichols store (today’s Gallery Bookshop). In 1893, Jarvis & Nichols purchased the property and sold the existing structure to George Switzer who moved the building onto his lot on the northwest corner of Howard and Albion streets. In the 1970s, local historian Nannie Escola shared that her mother had let her go down to Main Street to watch the horses pull the building along.

The relocated Barry Building was a private residence until 1977, when Cliff Sanders applied for permits to rehabilitate the structure. On October 25, 1979, the Beacon reported that “Mendocino’s new Headlands Inn is now open to the public, seven guest rooms, parlor and country kitchen … Dick Foreman and George Webb worked long and hard to transform that tired old home into a good looking and well appointed inn.”

Narrow house with shrubs in front of it and a sign reading "Headlands Inn"

Headlands Inn, November 2021

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