A large Victorian home with a wrap-around porch and a small building in the yard

The original house, built by J. D. Johnson in 1881, was smaller and located farther north on the lot. After her husband, Alexander MacCallum, died in 1908, Daisy Kelley MacCallum returned to Mendocino from San Francisco, where they had been living. In 1908, she had the house moved to the center of the lot and had Alexander Carmichael build a large addition on the north side. The pagoda-roofed playhouse on the far left was constructed at this time, too.

In the distance, the tall water tower visible behind the house was built by Gebhard Hagenmeyer. The structure with the large roof to the right was known as Skating Rink Hall at the time the photo was taken. Daisy would rebuild it in 1950 and name it Kellieowen Hall, a community meeting place and the home of Mendocino’s public library for many years. (Perley Maxwell (photographer), Kelley House Collection, Kelley House Photographs)

This photo and many more available in “Perley Maxwell’s Mendocino,” by Bruce Levene. Includes the Mendocino High School Photography Students 2002 Then & Now Project. $25.