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THEN and NOW: Albion Street

These two images, taken 66 years apart, look west down Albion Street in Mendocino. Albion Street, 1957. Photo by Robert Duke. (Gift of Bette Duke) Albion Street, 2023. Photo by Robert Dominy. In the foreground on the right side of both photos is a unique apple shed designed and built in the 1860s by Erick Albertson, architect and builder of Mendocino’s Masonic [...]

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THEN and NOW Photos: Bever House

Bever House, c. 1932. (Kelley House Collection)   Bever House, 2023. (Photographer: Robert Dominy) These two images, taken about 90 years apart, show the Bever House on Little Lake Street across from the Art Center in Mendocino. This home was built in the 1880s for brothers Benjamin and Samuel Bever. They were born in Bates County, Missouri in the 1840s. Their father, [...]

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THEN and NOW Photos: Ukiah Street, Looking East

Ukiah Street, c. 1930. (Gift of Dolly Efishoff)   Ukiah Street, 2023. (Photographer: Robert Dominy) These two images, taken almost a century apart, show Ukiah Street near the intersection with Kasten Street, looking east. In the 20th century photo, two calves belonging to the Paoli family stand on Ukiah Street in front of the Paoli Hotel, which is just out of sight [...]

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