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Frank and Nettie Allen

April 7, 1878 - Frank Allen and Nettie Shuman were married by Rev. W. R. Stewart at the Mendocino Presbyterian Church. Their wedding announcement in the Mendocino Beacon ended with: “May their wedded life be happy; may they live long and prosper.” Frank Allen, his wife Nettie, and their two children Nettie and Warren, posing in front of the Carroll House in Mendocino, about 1898. [...]

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William Osborne

April 1, 1878 - William Osborne, the cook at the mill cookhouse on Big River Flat, celebrated April Fool’s Day by playing a practical joke on the Mendocino Mill workers. The Beacon reported that, “When they were seated at dinner about the time to partake of dessert, they all went for some nice looking pies that were placed before them. One young man, having a weakness [...]

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S. J. “Jesse” Chalfant

March 25, 1845 - S. J. “Jesse” Chalfant was born in Maryland, the son of well-known carpenter and builder William Chalfant and Elizabeth (Edwards) Chalfant. When Jesse was just 19 years old, he set out for California to join his older brothers, John and Aaron, who had settled on the Mendocino Coast in the 1850s. Jesse’s early years in California were spent in the lumber industry, [...]

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Foresters Lodge vs. U. P. P. E. C.

March 12, 1921 - The Big River Justice Court held a trial between the Mendocino Foresters Lodge and the local chapter of the Portuguese ladies’ organization, U. P. P. E. C. The dispute was over possession of a desk and table, valued at less than $10. The trial attracted significant attention from the community, with the courtroom filled to capacity as spectators gathered to witness the [...]

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William McLean

March 10, 1895 - William McLean was found collapsed in front of Gus Semmler’s Saloon near the western end of Main Street about 7 am. William had been stabbed three times and died shortly afterwards, without naming his killer. Mendocino's Main Street looking westward, c. 1905-1908. On the north side, edged by a long boardwalk, are commercial buildings. The large two-story building with an enormous [...]

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Dial Telephone Service

March 5, 1955 - Rotary dial telephone service arrived in Mendocino. Although local phone service had been established between a few businesses in 1878, and new telephone lines connected Mendocino to the outside world in 1897, the Mendocino switchboard still required human operators to connect calls until 1955. Following the switch to dial phones, operators still handled long distance calls, answered phone number lookups, took repair [...]

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Grammar School Bond

March 3, 1930 - Mendocino School District voters approved a school bond of $18,500 to cover the cost of constructing a new grammar school on the northeast corner of School and Pine Streets. The first grammar school building on this property, built in 1885, had burned down just three months earlier. The vote required a two-thirds majority. There was little opposition, and the final vote was [...]

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Henry K. Gordon

February 25, 1945 - Henry Gordon, pioneer Mendocino woodsman, died at the Redwood Coast Hospital in Fort Bragg from cancer of the esophagus at the age of 76. He had been receiving treatment in the hospital for about two months. Born in Canada in 1868, Henry was the fifth of eight children born to Archibald and Susanna Gordon. He immigrated to the United States when he [...]

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Joe Lawrence

February 19, 1945 - Former Mendocino resident Joseph “Joe” Lawrence died in Oakland at the age of 50. Born in 1894 to Joseph and Mary (Farro) Lawrence, early-day residents of Mendocino, Joe grew up in his parents’ home on Ukiah Street and attended the local schools. Mendocino Grammar School Second Grade Class, c. 1900. They are posed on the steps of the first schoolhouse located [...]

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Joe Recardo

February 16, 1983 - Longtime Mendocino resident Joe Recardo died at the Ukiah Street home of his great-niece Joyce Corvin following a long illness. Joe was born in Santa Cruz, Island of Flores, Azore Islands on October 30, 1899, the son of Joao Jose Coelho and Conceicao Leonor Ramos. He immigrated in 1920, landing in Providence, Rhode Island and traveling by train to California. He worked [...]

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