Montage of 45 photos from Memorial Day, 1975.

Mounted photo montage of Memorial Day at Kelley House, 1975, consisting of about 45 B/W photos and one color photo (in center). Size 40.5 x 46 cm (16 x 18 in). 

Identifications on reverse:


Top Row, Left to Right:

back to camera, two unknowns, Beth Stebbins; Aldine Gorman; High School Band, Bob Ayres Director; below, roofer (unknown); Carson Bauman; D. Bear, Jim O’Donnell; below, Mae Lemos, Art Lemos; Alden Rice

2nd Row, Left to Right:

Beth, Edna Jackson; Alden Rice; Anne Foote; ?, ?; Mamie Mendosa, Don Carpenter, Nannie Escola, Aldine Gorman

3rd Row, Left to Right:

Nancy Curtis, Bruce Levene; Alden Rice, Toni Lemos; Jacques Helfer, Alden Rice, Mamie Mendosa, Helen Bedell, Bessie Strauss, Jim O’Donnell; Helen Bedell, D. Bear, Toni Lemos, Dora Doolittle

4th Row, Left to Right:

Clytie Mathews & daughter (Susan or Janna?); brick mason Larry Nye; ?, Jane McCarthy; George Reeves; Don Carpenter; Susan Pierce (not sure), Beth; D. Bear, Dr. George Bettencourt, Margaret Bettencourt

5th Row, Left to Right:

Helen Pray; above, Susan Norris (not sure); below: D. Bear, Mamie Mendosa & above: Mamie, grandson Mitch, Jeanette Mendosa; below: ?, Edna Jackson, ?; above, Lea Anderson; Alden Rice; below, Nancy Curtis; with ice-cream Sally Howell, Margo Farrar; Bessie Strauss above; Charlene Wills below

6th Row, Left to Right:

Sam Waldman, Carson Bauman, Charlene Wills, foreground; Sally Howell; Alden Rice in his Chalmers, with passengers; Byrd Baker in rear (I think); Miles and Helen Paoli