A street lined with buildings, utility poles and parked cars

THEN: Looking westward down the north side of Mendocino’s Main Street in 1975. The Village Barn is the business in the building on the far right. Next comes Dick’s Place with neon cocktail glass sign, then the Mendocino Hotel, followed by the old post office building, the old Remedy Store, then Dostal’s Clock Shop (in the Jarvis & Nichols Building, where Gallery Bookshop is in 2021) and the Bank of America Building, far left at the northwest corner of Kasten and Main Streets. Note public telephone booth with “Bell” sign above it between the Hotel and Dick’s Place. (Beth Stebbins (photographer), Kelley House Collection, Kelley House Photographs)


Colorful buildings line a street with cars parked in front of them

NOW: December, 2021

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