Street lined with two-story buildings, some with business signs, and a parked car

(Kelley House Collection, Kelley House Photographs)

Main Street, Mendocino, 1966, near the corner of Main and Kasten Streets, looking west. A Volkswagen Bug automobile is parked on the street. 

Behind it is the Bank of America in the two-story white structure on the west side of Kasten. Dostal’s Clock Shop (note sign) occupies the Jarvis & Nichols Building on the east side of Kasten Street, with the second-story bay windows. Zacha’s Bay Window Gallery is entered through its corner doorway. The building in the right foreground was at one time the Remedy Store, Mendocino’s local drug store and soda fountain, and then became Shrode’s Sundries until 1963. Note the corrugated metal siding on this building.

Street with multi-color buildings with cars parked in front

April 2022

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