Elevated view of a street lined with utility poles, buildings and trees with fields and water in the distance

A very foreshortened view looking south down Lansing Street across Mendocino Bay, c. 1930. The Masonic Hall with its rooftop statuary is on the right. In the distance, Highway 1 winds its way south past the water tower and barns belonging to the Kent Ranch (later Spring Ranch). Utility poles line both sides of the unpaved roadway, which has vegetation growing along its sides.

Other buildings evident in the photo include, on the left: a sign reading GARAGE with two globes on posts at the street marking the driveway entrance to Cecil Mallory’s garage; a sign that reads BAKERY on the building still located at 10483 Lansing Street and known at this time period as the Mendocino or Crystal Bakery; the bay windows of the two-story Johnson Building located at the corner of Ukiah Street; and the large building at the end of the street may be the Occidental Hotel. On the right, starting at the top of the hill, is a picket fence along the sidewalk that enclosed J. D. Johnson’s business yard; two small buildings with bay windows associated with Johnson’s undertaking and picture framing businesses; the Masonic Hall; Temperance Hall (later Kellieowen Hall) when it still had a false front; the Shell building, also with a false front and a sign that reads GARAGE perpendicular to the street. (Gift of Carl A. Moore, Lee Burleson Collection, Kelley House Photographs)

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