On this day in Mendocino history…

Photograph and pennant commemorating the service of the Frank Mendosa Family during World War I. The pennant was presented to Frank Mendosa, Sr. for having five sons serve in the Armed Forces during a time of war. On the left side is an official photograph of President Woodrow Wilson, and on the right side is the pennant of white satin with a red border. Five stars are sewn on the pennant to signify Frank Mendosa’s five sons: Antone Joseph, John S., Joseph Albert, Frank Jr., and William Arthur. This framed pennant hung over the cash register of Mendosa’a Hardware store until 2006. (Jeanette Hansen, Jeanette Mendosa Hansen Collection)

August 24, 1918 – Frank Mendosa received notification of the safe arrival in France of his son, John. In October 1917, John Mendosa had been called up in the third draft to serve his country during World War I.

Five of Frank’s sons served in the First World War. Tony served in the United States Army Coast Artillery Corps which was responsible for coastal, harbor, and anti-aircraft defense of the United States.

In late 1917, Joe enlisted in the United States Marine Corps for two years and served in Cuba and Haiti. In 1918, Bill entered the United States Army. Frank served in the 21st Infantry.

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