Past Exhibits

Cat Mother: Mendocino Coast Music

  The Kelley House pays tribute to legendary local ‘70s band Cat Mother and their impact on the Mendocino Coast with a collection of ephemera, albums, artwork, and articles. Cat Mother was an eclectic rock band formed in Greenwich Village, New York in 1967. They toured with Jimi Hendrix who co-produced their first album which featured the hit "Good Old Rock N Roll" in 1969. By 1970 [...]

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Neighbors Across the Pond

This exhibit runs through May 1, 2022. It displays vintage photographs from two of Mendocino’s founding families, the Kelleys and the Fords, who lived across the Main Street from each other. The exhibit includes glass bottles, dolls and clay pipes excavated from the historic Kelley Pond. Kelley House Museum, 45007 Albion Street, Mendocino (707) 937-5791 Thurs-Sun 11AM to 3PM

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Rediscovering the Kelleys – A New Exhibit About an Old Family

In honor of the 160th anniversary of the Kelley House, a new permanent exhibit showcasing the home’s original inhabitants opens this December at the museum. Rediscover the Kelley Family: parents William and Eliza, and their four children, Daisy, Russell, Elise, and Otis, along with their extended family. A beautiful, hand-embellished family tree helps visitors understand their relationships to each other. Among the exhibit’s highlights is a [...]

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Jewelry for Doors

Vintage Doorknobs from the Larry Sawyer and Harriet Bye Collection Vintage, decorative doorknobs fill the display cases at the Kelley House Museum in the latest installment of the Coastal Collections series. Colorful, intricate, charming, and functional, this assemblage provides a peek into some of the everyday objects people handled in former days. This collection of ornate door hardware is on loan from Larry Sawyer and Harriet [...]

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Quilted Iconic Buildings of Mendocino

The Kelley House’s summer exhibit, “Quilted Iconic Buildings of Mendocino” runs July 2 – August 31. The museum is open Friday – Sunday, 11am – 3pm. Twenty-five different historical buildings are colorfully rendered on 18” x 18” quilt squares, individually pieced and stitched by members of the Ocean Wave Quilters. In an extraordinary display of history meets art, iconic buildings are brought to life, including the [...]

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