Vintage Doorknobs from the Larry Sawyer and Harriet Bye Collection

Exhibition poster for "Jewelry for Doors: The Larry Sawyer and Harriet Bye Collection" featuring a decorative bird doorknob

Vintage, decorative doorknobs fill the display cases at the Kelley House Museum in the latest installment of the Coastal Collections series. Colorful, intricate, charming, and functional, this assemblage provides a peek into some of the everyday objects people handled in former days. This collection of ornate door hardware is on loan from Larry Sawyer and Harriet Bye, who have lived for many years on the Mendocino coast, and operate as a vintage door and window vendor.

Runs Thursday, September 2rd until Sunday, October 31, 2021. Museum hours: Thursdays through Sundays 11 am to 3 pm.

Kelley House Museum, 45007 Albion Street. Contact for more information, or (707) 937-5791.