The Kelley House’s summer exhibit, “Quilted Iconic Buildings of Mendocino” runs July 2 – August 31. The museum is open Friday – Sunday, 11am – 3pm. Twenty-five different historical buildings are colorfully rendered on 18” x 18” quilt squares, individually pieced and stitched by members of the Ocean Wave Quilters. In an extraordinary display of history meets art, iconic buildings are brought to life, including the Temple of Kwan Tai, the Presbyterian Church, the MacCallum House, the Kelley House Water Tower, and many others. Each handmade quilt square is accompanied by a black and white photo and history of the building.

The Ocean Wave Quilters Meet the Challenge

In July of 2019, one of the Ocean Wave Quilters members, Cindi Jo Willey, issued a challenge to guild members to make 18” x 18” quilts of Mendocino’s iconic buildings, to be completed by July of 2020. Nine of our members accepted the challenge. The pandemic delayed the original deadline, but they are excited to reveal the results at the Kelley House Museum. 

The Ocean Wave Quilters is a 70+ member guild that meets monthly and contributes to the community in a myriad of ways, including quilts for newborns, dresses for Hope for Women International, touch quilts for patients, and masks during the pandemic.

Special thanks to Ocean Wave Quilter Sharon Lau for coordinating this exhibit.

Special Event: Sunday Afternoon with Ocean Wave Quilters, August 15, 4pm. $7 public, $5 members

Quilt of Mendocino Hotel
Quilt of Mendocino Hotel