IMG_0137Since the very beginning, back in 1973, the organization which was initially known as Mendocino Historical Research and which evolved into the Kelley House Museum, has been fueled by volunteers.  We’d like to thank today’s volunteers, right here and now!  They serve in numerous capacities, including, mailing party members, museum docents, walking tour guides, July 4th chefs and servers, research office assistants, web master, newsletter designers, writers, and board members. We could not provide the historical information and services, and would not have our historic house and museum, without the time and talents of:

Janet Ashford, Molly Ashford, Nancy Atkinson, Sherry Bell, Bill & Julie Brazill, Martha & Kevin Buck, Chuck & Marian Bush, Leslie Campbell, Frances Casey, Judy Chapman, Michele Cheyovich, Barbara Cohen, Susan Collins, Wallace Conroe, Wendy Pollock & Barry Cusick, Garnish Daly, Ayla & Jim Douglas, George Draeper, Ray Duff, Bette M. Duke, Molly Dwyer, Betsy Frey, Nancy Gardner, Sue Gibson, David Gross, Eric & Elaine Hillesland, Louis Hough, Gwen & Bill Jacobson, Jill & Dirk Jahelka, Ronnie James, Annette Jarvie, Bob Jetton, Maynard Kaminsky, Bob Kerstein, Karen Latham, Jone Lemos, Marilyn & William Lemos, June Lemos, Lori LePaule, Bruce Levene & Gail Lauinger, Loretta McCoard, Mitch Hokanson, Sarah Nathe, Kath Disney Nilson & Steve Nilson, Mary Anne Petrillo, Barbara Prichard, Katy Pye, Lisa Rambo, Richard & Eleanor Riley, Erich Schmid, Sandy Schmidt & Randy Setlock, Joan Selchau, Janice Shelton, Martin Simpson, Sue Smith, Megan & Rex Smith, Peggy Smith, Steven Smith, Ruth Sparks, Katy Tahja, Ted Tanner, Jane Tillis, Jaen Treesinger, Wilma Tucker and Carolyn Zeitler.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” ~ Elizabeth Andrew

Apologies if we have missed any names, and we always need more!