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Prejudice and mistaken identity: A deadly combination

It’s not unusual, however unfair, for people to look askance at outsiders who dress, talk, or act differently, especially if they come in groups. One such group, commonly known as Gypsies, have been maligned, even systematically murdered over the centuries, particularly in Europe. The term “Gypsy” originally referred only to ethnic Gypsies, as opposed to other “travelers.” Although the term has derogatory implications, it may have [...]

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The Seeds of Temperance

The Mendocino area’s reputation for “live-and-let-live” was not always the norm. The local 1909 “dry” election, eliminating legal liquor sales and saloon licensing, grew from seeds planted decades earlier by Little River’s first pioneers. The Coombs, Stickneys, Stevens, Dennens, and other Maine families packed their belongings, and carried especially close their religious beliefs, morality, and state’s temperance history. These, as much as the customs and beliefs [...]

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