Studio portrait of a well-dressed, late Victorian era couple standing arm in arm

Wedding photograph of Maria Pacheco and husband, Antone Carvalho, 1896. (Aurelius Ormando Carpenter (photographer), Gift of Juanita Luis Craig, Juanita Luis Craig Collection, Kelley House Photographs)

November 22, 1896 – Antone Carvalho and Miss Maria Pacheco were married at the Catholic Church by the Rev. Father H. K. White.

Antone was born in the Azore Islands in 1864. He came to the United States when he was a boy and became a US citizen in San Francisco in 1894. He was a lumberman along the Mendocino coast. Maria was born in Mendocino in 1879, the daughter of John and Mary (Lazarus) Pacheco, both of whom were born in the Azore Islands.

Antone and Maria had nine children between 1898 and 1911: Maizie, Mervyn, Norman, Margarette, Charles, Oliver, Ivy, Lynwood, and Ruby.

In 1903, Antone purchased a lot in the eastern part of town, 44460 Little Lake Road, from Maria J. (Clement) Vicente. A few years later, Antone built a new home for his family here.

In 1918, the Quaill brothers constructed a slaughterhouse on the property next door. The following year, Antone filed a lawsuit complaining that their business had made his property unsanitary and unfit for habitation and seeking $1,000 and an injunction against their operation. Nearly a year passed before the case was heard, and the Quaill brothers upgraded the sanitation systems in the meantime. The judge awarded Antone $350 and denied the injunction. A few months later, the Carvalho family sold their home and purchased the Blair House on the northwest corner of Ford and Little Lake Streets.

Maria passed away in 1927, and Antone followed six years later. The Blair House remained in the Carvalho family until the early 1940s.

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