C ChapmanWe recently received a request from the daughter of this handsome guy, and it represents a switch in that we know who the person is, but we don’t know for certain WHERE he is.  The WHEN is also somewhat undetermined, but she thinks the photograph was taken around 1930.

This is Clifford Chapman, who attended Mendocino High School and worked in the Mendocino Mill.  Clifford’s daughter, Susan, would like to know if any of the Beacon’s readers can help identify this portion of the North Coast.  Is it somewhere along Big River?  Is it part of another water way used for logging?  If you recognize this spot, please contact the Kelley House Museum by either calling us at (707) 937-5791, or send an email to curator@kelleyhousemuseum.org.

Update: We received a call identifying this spot as being Big River.  The caller was certain that there were “. . . no other streams with this straight bank,” and the caller also recognized the pilings.  Mr. Chapman’s daughter was most grateful!