Street lined with buildings and old cars


West Main Street in Mendocino, 1975. View looking west along the north side of Mendocino’s Main Street in 1975. The farthest building on the left is the old Neto Hotel Barbershop, which in 1975 was occupied by Victorian Vignettes, a photographic studio. Next is the Zacha Building, built in 1965, then the old Lemos Saloon/Store that housed at this time a store called Accelerated Research & Whole Earth Bookstore. Next was the old Ramus Hotel and Boarding House, then occupied by members of the Hee family. The two-story building with the dormers was built initially as the Everson General Store, later housed the Bank of Commerce, and in 1975 was the home of Alphonso’s Mercantile store.

Street lined with two-story buildings and cars parked in front

April 2022

New Exhibit! Neighbors Across the Pond – Vintage Photographs & Objects from the Ford & Kelley Family Collections. Exhibit includes glass bottles, dolls, and clay pipes excavated from the historic Kelley Pond. Thursdays through Sundays, 11 am to 3 pm. Located at 45007 Albion Street, Mendocino.