Photo of British Tramp Steamer "Anerley" loading at Caspar, California

The British Tramp Steamer, “Anerley,” loading at Caspar, California, c. 1911. This postcard is addressed to Edward Law in Little River and dated May 20, 1911, eight days after his 7th birthday.

The Anerley was a defensively-armed cargo steamship built in 1910 by Sunderland Shipbuilding Company of England for Una Ltd. of London. In 1913 she was renamed Southborough when purchased by a new owner.

On July 16, 1918, the Southborough was torpedoed without warning by a German submarine, while traveling in a convoy off the eastern coast of England with a cargo of iron ore. She sank almost at once, killing 30 of the crew. Eight survivors were picked up by an escort vessel and landed at Middlesbrough, England.

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