seed-catalogOne of the experiences which should be common to all childhoods is the wonder of witnessing the sprouting of a seed.  Many of us recall the anticipation and fun of placing a dried bean between the glass wall of a jar and a damp paper towel, or similar material, and placing that jar in a space where light and air could reach it.  In a few days, miraculously we thought, rootlets began growing out of the bean, and then in a few more days, we’d notice the bean had split, and out would come a green sprout!  If you or your children or grandchildren haven’t done this yet, you may wish to consider doing so.  Those sprouted beans can be planted in a small cup of soil, and later put in the ground.  (Are they magic?  Ask Jack!)

Cherie Christiansen, host of station KZYX’s “Farm and Garden Show” and also founder of the Seed Exchange at Mendocino’s Farmers’ Market, will speak at the Kelley House Museum on Sunday, September 25th at 4:00 p.m. as the featured guest for our “A Sunday Afternoon With …” series.  Ms. Christiansen’s talk is offered in conjunction with the Museum’s current exhibit “When Farm to Table Was Every Day,” a look back at agriculture and families who made their livings by it in and around the Mendocino coast.

Ms. Christiansen’s background in gardening and local food production extends over 45 years.  Attendees will hear the story of the biannual Seed Exchange held at the Mendocino Farmers’ Market and how it was started ten years ago.  This is a timely topic, given the recent news of the merger between agribusiness giants Monsanto and Bayer. There are many seed companies which make their products available online today, such as, their link is provided here:  If you’d like to become more informed about the relationship between seed preservation, local farming, your family and what you eat, please plan to be at the Kelley House Museum the afternoon of September 25th.  Doors open after 3:30; seating is limited.  Entry fee for Kelley House members is $5.00; non-members pay $7.00 and are always welcome to join.