Senior Portrait of High School Boy

Senior portrait of Charles Tannlund, Class of 1918, Mendocino High School. (Gift of Jeanette Mendosa Hansen)

November 12, 1918 – A number of young men returned to the Mendocino Coast, just days after being called up to serve their country during World War I. The armistice ending the war had been signed just the day before, and their military service was abruptly cancelled.

Two weeks earlier, the Mendocino Draft Board in Ukiah had mailed out notifications to 300 men to appear for physical examinations on November 3rd. The War Department needed new recruits to take the train from Ukiah to Kelly Field in Texas during the week of November 11th. Kelly Field was one of thirty-two Air Service training camps established after the United States entered World War I. In addition to training pilots and mechanics, this camp served as a reception and classification center, testing thousands of recruits before assigning them to specific jobs and squadrons for training.

On November 9th, M. H. Iversen, head of the County Draft Board, summoned a group of coast men who had passed their physicals to Ukiah to leave for Kelly Field on November 12th. Most took the morning train from Fort Bragg on November 11th. When they arrived in Willits, they were notified that their call to service had been cancelled on account of the signing of the armistice that day. Many continued on to Ukiah to assure themselves that no mistake had occurred.

Linwood Daniels, Charles Tannlund, Robert Hayter, A. E. Chalmers, Donald Kent, and Gerald Cummings were among the men who returned to the coast the following day.

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