Celebrate National Bow Tie Day with this photo from the Mendocino Fourth of July Parade, 1990.

Tony Graham is riding a penny farthing (bicycle) on Main Street in front of the Mendocino Hotel. He is dressed in a period (c. 1880s) hat, pleated shirt with cuff links, bow tie, and knickerbocker pants. Penny farthing has been fitted with a brake to the rear wheel. (Gift of Bill Wagner, The Bill Wagner Collection, Kelley House Photographs)

Final weekend! “Quilted Iconic Buildings of Mendocino” – 26 iconic buildings, including the Temple of Kwan Tai, the Presbyterian Church, the MacCallum House, the Mendocino Hotel, and the Kelley House Water Tower, brought to life on 18” x 18” quilt squares by members of the Ocean Wave Quilters. The Museum is open 11am-3pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.