Friday, January 27, 2017 to Monday, March 27, 2017

When the mills ceased their rumbling and whining and the labor force was home with their families or enjoying a Sunday afternoon, what was there to do?  In this exhibit the Kelley House Museum displays some of the many photographs, archival treasures and objects related to fun and games in Mendocino.  Before the electronic age which heralded radio, movies and television, people got together to play games, enjoy the outdoors and hold contests and competitions of skill.

Our exhibit will focus on the record of these activities, as it has been preserved in the archives of the Kelley House Museum, as well as providing a glimpse at some of the North Coast community’s more recent ways of spending ‘off-hours.’  One thing to consider is how much leisure time was, and still is, something for members of the middle class, and the well-to-do.  It is hard to imagine the parents of a struggling family taking everyone out for an afternoon of tennis; but a hike to the beach, and a picnic, however simple, was within reach.