Elevated view of a street with yards, buildings and trees along it

Elevated view looking to the northeast along Ukiah Street in Mendocino, 1920 – 1949.

The image was probably captured from the Heeser water tower, located on the southeast corner of Kasten and Ukiah Streets. The Beacon building is seen in the left foreground. The undeveloped fenced field to its right will become the site of the post office and the Penny Farthing Building.

Two water towers are evident – Gebhard Hegenmeyer’s very high water tower in the center (demolished in 1970) and J. D. Johnson’s smaller but more ornate water tower to its right (dismantled in 1949). Between them is a small house built for Rose McGuire and her family by Johnson.

Behind it there is a building facing Lansing Street with two upstairs windows and known as the Priest’s House because it was once used by the Catholic church as a rectory. (Patterson’s Pub in 2022) To the left of the tall tower is the Mendosa Brothers’ general store on Lansing Street, which underwent a significant addition in 1920. (Kelley House Collection, Kelley House Photos)

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