Parade in Mendocino celebrating the 100th anniversary of the town of Mendocino, 1952. (Ed Frietas (photographer), Gift of Ed O’Brien, Kelley House Photographs)

August 10, 1952 – Mendocino celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the town with a parade, barbecue, and dancing.

An estimated 5,000 people attended the weekend Centennial celebration. The event began on Saturday with a display of antiques and heirlooms loaned by local residents. Later, an old-fashioned revue was held at the high school gym, featuring young townsfolk modeling the clothing and jewelry of their parents and grandparents while the stories of the founders were retold. A dance sponsored by the Fire Department completed the evening.

On Sunday morning, the parade formed at the grammar school and wound its way thru town. Ralph Sutherland drove a Firepower Chrysler, carrying Mendocino’s oldest resident, Mrs. W. H. Flood, 95, Mrs. William Boyle, 91, and Mrs. James Barton. “It was a grand sight to see these pioneers of Mendocino, still residents, receive the plaudits of the huge crowd that witnessed the parade.”

Charles Tyrrell drove Eddie Matthews’ station wagon, carrying Mendocino’s oldest married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jense Hansen, who had been married over 60 years.

The parade ended at the high school, where barbecued meat, beans, and salad were served to 2,000 people. After the barbecue, folk and square dancing began in the high school gym.

The Beacon ended its recap of the event with “All in all the Centennial Celebration was a decided success, and one of the best celebrations ever put on in Mendocino.”

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