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“History Mystery” Solution Leads to Further Questions

Thanks to a telephone call from Ron Iversen of Mendocino we have a solution to our latest ‘History Mystery!’ All but one of the students shown in the ca. 1945 photograph of teacher and principal, Alma Mendosa, on the steps of the Manchester School were identified. Of course he knew them because he is in the photograph--the boy on the right, crouching in the first row. [...]

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Mendocino Old Timers

Alvin Mendosa of Mendocino identified the men in this 1979 photograph by John Uhlar as John Mendosa (left) and Walter Jackson (right) in front of the Mendocino Post Office.

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Mystery Band

This photograph has been identified as the "Melody Mixers." A previous group "The Coast Harmonizers" disbanded in September 1938 and from this, a new group was formed.The musicians who made up the band were Carl Tuomala, tenor sax, Cabby Newgard, alto sax, Vinnie Bacci, drums, Annie Baccaria Rossi, accordion and Vernon Quaill, trumpet.

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