What do all of the 80 people listed below have in common?

  • Cammie Conlon
  • Ramelle Irish
  • Dorothy Bear
  • Elinor Hayes
  • Wally Smith
  • Daniel Taylor
  • Anne B Campbell
  • Dee Stenbeck Lemos
  • Charles Meigs Bush
  • Wilma Tucker
  • Patricia Patty Madigan
  • Earlene Jankowicz
  • Jean Spencer Felton
  • Jone Lemos Jackson
  • Pat Turner
  • Eva Welles
  • Priya Davis
  • Eleanor Sverko
  • Louis Hough
  • Steven Jordan
  • Joy Shaw
  • Martin Simpson
  • Katie Mimms
  • Carolyn (CJ) Cooper
  • Katy Tahja
  • Nancy Cruz
  • Warren Wade
  • Carolyn Zeitler
  • Liz Irwin
  • Katharine Bicknell
  • Nancy Freeze
  • Matthew Reed
  • Ruth Sparks
  • Max Kalina
  • Kathleen Cameron
  • Jeff Solomon
  • Iana Porter
  • Nelson Lindley
  • Molly Dwyer
  • Katy Pye
  • Sonya Nesch
  • Fran Schwartz
  • Cherie Koss-Waldo
  • Mary B. Stinson
  • Tiarra Rogers
  • Sue Smith
  • Lisa Gruwell Spicer
  • S. W. Yochem
  • Sherry Bell
  • Linda Wilson
  • Sarah Nathe
  • Nancy Harris
  • Anne Pierce Cooper
  • Martha Davis Wagner
  • Tonia Hurst
  • Lorraine Hee-Chorley
  • William Lemos
  • Bette Duke
  • Karen McGrath
  • Cindy Arch
  • Christina Aranguren
  • Carol Dominy
  • Norman de Vall
  • John Skinner
  • Don Tucker
  • Joie Charvet-Pond
  • Larry Bradford
  • Mary Geddry
  • Douglas Junge
  • Beth Stebbins
  • Marjorie Eseppi
  • Charlie West
  • Trish West
  • Bill Jacobson
  • Whitney Alves
  • Joy Shaw
  • Wally Smith
  • Katharine Bicknell, ed
  • Josh Morsell
  • Maja Eddy

The answer – each has written articles for this column – the Kelley House Calendar. (Please forgive me if anyone’s name was left out.)

Some were regular contributors, like Chuck Bush, Wally Smith, Dee Lemos, and of course Dorothy Bear, one of the founders of the Kelley House Museum. Their bylines appeared week after week, keeping the community up to date on the many activities, fund-raisers and the renovation progress of the beautiful old house overlooking the Bay.

They also got to write about the interesting visitors who often brought with them gifts for the archives – sepia photos, antique objects, maps and deeds, vintage clothing – each imbued with the history of the coast. All of this made for great stories, which were shared with the community.

Wouldn’t you like to do that, too?

As we come into our 45th year as a Beacon contributor, the Kelley House is looking for new talent to join the writing team. Two of our authors have recently departed – Bette Duke passed away last year, and Tonia Hurst has moved out of the area to pursue educational goals. There are so many stories yet to tell, and we would love to welcome your voice to our historical world.

In 2020, the Museum will present three exhibits, all linked by the theme “Building Mendocino.” Our Kelley House Calendars will reflect that same topic in many (not all) of its weekly offerings, and we’ve started a list of potential subjects to inspire (but not limit) our authors. Are you interested in telling people about the built environment?

The original logo for the Kelley House Calendar was a sketch of the House created by artist Hazel Sandison. This image is from its first publication on April 24, 1975. It was published with the column until June 28, 2001.

Sometimes, we really get into researching new information from the archives or the internet, and sometimes it’s a more straightforward reporting of an event or topic of interest. Our articles are about one typewritten page or so in length (400 to 700 words). The icing on the cake is pairing the writing with an appropriate photo or illustration, usually discovered in our database of 10,000-plus images.

The first “real” Kelley House Calendar, complete with its artistic logo, appeared on page 3 of the April 24, 1975 edition. The pen-and-ink drawing of the House was a gift from Stockton artist Hazel Sandison. While there were articles written previously that described the progress of acquiring and renovating the old Kelley property for an historic research center, somehow, with this little sketch, the column took on a new tone, coming to life as the voice for this fledgling organization and its mission of preservation. That distinctive masthead flew for many years, and last accompanied the KH Calendar on June 28, 2001.

Please consider joining our team! Give us a call at 937-5791 or email Karen at curator@kelleyhousemuseum.org.