December 10, 1932 – Antone Jerome died at his home in Mendocino at the age of 74. He had lived at 45150 Calpella Street for 45 years.

A family posing in front of a home with shrubs and a wooden fence in front

Antone and Annie Jerome posing in front of their house at 45150 Calpella Street with six of their children, c. 1899. (Kelley House Collection, Kelley House Photographs)

Born on the island of Flores, Azores in 1858, Antone arrived in the United States during the 1870s. By 1887, he lived in Mendocino, working as a woodsman in the logging camps.

In 1887, Antone married Annie Osborne, the widow of William Osborne. William, the popular manager of the lumber company cook­ house, built a home for his family on the northeast corner of Calpella and Williams Streets, the first house to be built on that block. He was 20 years older than Annie, and they had been married only 8 years when William died.

After Annie’s marriage to Antone, this house became the Jerome family home. In addition to the two Osborne sons that Annie brought to their marriage, Antone and Annie raised 6 children of their own here: Joseph, Antone Jr., Annie, Maggie, Rosie and Mamie.

Following Antone’s death, Annie’s daughter Rosie, along with her husband Antone Lenhares, moved into Annie’s house. Before Annie’s death in 1937, she transferred ownership of this property to the Lenhares, and they lived here for the rest of their lives. Rosie died in 1960, and Antone Lenhares died in 1979. Following his demise, their descendants sold the property.

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