September 6, 1914 – Albert Brown, secretary of the Farmers & Apple Growers Association, began a trip across Mendocino County to promote the upcoming Mendocino Apple Fair. Albert was the founder of the apple show and the driving force behind the construction of Apple Hall, which was built in 1912 for produce exhibits including the fair.

Large display of boxed apples with a trophy cup, front and center

Albert’s first stop was the south coast where he met with farmers and orchardists about their exhibits for the late October fair. From there, Albert took the Merchants Cup, the trophy that was awarded each year for the best apple display at the fair, to Ukiah to be exhibited for a few weeks. The trophy would then be taken to other Mendocino County towns to promote the fair.

V. R. Herbert of Westside Fruit Farm on Albion Ridge had won the Merchants Cup during the previous two fairs. In addition to the trophy, cash prizes were awarded, ranging from $1 to $40, for the produce exhibits, which included pumpkins, nuts, rhubarb, and many more fruits and vegetables. The first prize for pear displays was 20 pear trees. There were also contests for the best homemade apple products, including Apple Jelly, Marmalade, Cider, Vinegar, Pickled Apples, and Apple Pie.

The Apple Fairs continued in Mendocino for several years, but by the mid-1920s, Boonville had become the host of the Apple Fair.

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