Looking down a wide unpaved street with historic buildings on each side.

Looking south down Lansing Street to Mendocino Bay. (Gift of Carl A. Moore)

“Before the names and faces of the many unforgettable characters in Mendocino have been erased from my memory or lost to the obscurity of time, I want to tell you about the people who made my hometown a memorable place to live during the war years of the 1940s.” – Buddy Fraser

This charming memoir by Mendocino native John Preston “Buddy” Fraser brings to life the unique place that was the town of Mendocino, California before it became the artist colony and tourist destination for which it is well known today. During the 1940s, Mendocino was a quiet community of unpaved roads and Victorian-era architecture perched on bluffs above the Pacific Ocean. Fraser’s reminiscences are accompanied by vintage photographs from the Kelley House Museum archives paired with contemporary color images taken by photographer Jamie Armstrong, offering readers an enjoyable “Then and Now” view of Mendocino. $35

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