Two images, taken almost 100 years apart, showing the house located on the southeast corner of Howard and Ukiah Streets in Mendocino. 

1928 image from the Kelley House Museum Archives

A Category I historical structure, it was designed and built in 1883 by A. F. Carmichael as a residence for restauranteur and hotel owner W. T. Wilson. Starting in 1887, Dr. William McCornack rented the structure and operated the co-operative Mendocino Hospital there until 1895, when he moved the hospital to Main Street in a building next to the Kelley Pond, later relocating to Fort Bragg in 1897. It passed into the possession of P. H. McClellan, early-day tailor and was later occupied by his widow and niece. Miss Lena Flanagan, well known Mendocino elementary school teacher, lived here and continued to do so after her marriage to Charles Boyle. It was their family who lived in the house at the time this photo was taken in 1928.

2021 Photo Courtesy Carol Dominy

It remained a private residence until about 1970, when it then housed various commercial enterprises, including The Victorian Complex (1970) and The Sea Change Inn. In 1974, it again provided space for a progressive medical practice when Peter Barg M. D., Gail Raborn massage therapist, and Stan Weisenberg, D. C. opened the McCornack Center for the Healing Arts. For the last forty years, this beautiful building has offered accommodations for visitors, starting in 1980 with the Whitegate Inn and now the Blue Door Inn, its present occupant.