“I’m here because I love the history of the area. Joining the Kelley House Museum gave me the opportunity to learn local history and impart it to our visitors. We have a number of books, periodicals and articles available at the museum, and they make it so much fun to learn (and it’s easy as well). Originally from Brooklyn, NY, I moved to California in 1985 and spent several years in San Diego, Sacramento and Oakland before moving to the Mendocino Coast in 2010. As you can probably tell, I was a big city girl until moving to my much-loved Mendocino!

After graduating from college all those years ago, I found work in higher ed administration, then I went into retail. When looking back at those jobs, I realized that training ran through all of them — so that
is what I did next. I worked for several companies in training until the end of the 1990s when I took a position in the multimedia computer industry developing training programs until I retired in 2001.”