Historic Dolls & Teddy Bears Making a Holiday Visit to Kelley House Museum.

Our Holiday Exhibit is now up, and among the antique toys we pulled from the archives you’ll find three dolls that Daisy Kelley MacCallum used to played with, right here in her childhood home on Albion Street. This year they have new playmates. Several Victorian-era girl dolls have come to visit, as well as a trio of darling baby dolls, a group of Scottish girls with their felt-faced Lanci doll friend from Italy, and a cavorting troupe of Kewpie dolls. Sitting right next to them, a family of vintage Teddy bears are having a picnic. We even have some dolls from the 1940s. These special friends are on loan to us from the collection of Fort Bragg resident and Mendocino Coast Doll Club member, Grace Van Doren.

You can see this display until Monday, January 6, 2020 during our regular Museum hours Fri-Mon, 11-3.