We need some help from the public – what are these people doing?

Several years ago the Kelley House Museum was given this vintage photograph taken around 1924 showing a scene on Main Street, Mendocino.

We see costumed performers in front of the former Ford House, which has a large sign on the roof that reads, “BIGGEST ON EARTH.” The writing on the back of the photo identifies the people: “Black horse, Tambo” (David Elviro Tamborini ?), Gray horse Vernon Quaill; Jim Cummings. Mr. McKay, Ring Leader. Clown Leonard Sjoland. Trombone player with back turned, Frank Frietas. Rudy Larsen. Art Lemos, with foot lifted. Joe Quail with cowboy boots. Delbert Henderson. Clarence Burbeck. Henry Triplett. Maurice Fraga. Joe Silva. Rear girls, Irene Mallory, Margaret Larsen.”

Can anyone tell us what this event is – and when it took place? Respond to Karen McGrath at curator@kelleyhousemuseum.org. Or call 937-5791 and leave your number. We appreciate any information you can provide!