“I moved to the Mendocino Coast along with my two young daughters in 2005. We were introduced to the Kelley House through the Mendocino Grammar School as part of their work teaching kids about California history. All the projects—building Pomo shelters, model dairy farms, water towers—they brought history to life and helped all of us learn to love and respect the land, our history, and diverse cultures. I have so much respect for all the work those before me have done to sustain this beloved institution, and I am honored to be part of its next chapter.

I spent 30 years in the for-profit world in marketing, small business management, education, and hospitality. I’m the author of several self-help books, and have written extensively on parenting, health, and travel. Before moving to Mendocino, I lived in San Francisco, where I worked with the groundbreaking, women-friendly sex toy boutiques Good Vibrations and Babeland.”