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Dollars spent at community-based merchants create a multiplier in the local economy, meaning that from each dollar spent at a local independent merchant, up to 3.5 times as much wealth is generated in the local economy compared to a dollar spent at chain-owned businesses.

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Life Members

  • Catherine Blosser
  • Duane Brown
  • Tom Burnham
  • Marion Bush
  • Anabel Ford and Michael Glassgow
  • Sue Gibson
  • Steven Goodban
  • Jeanette Hansen
  • John Maulbetsch
  • Sandra and Bill McIver
  • Arlene and Jim Moorehead
  • Alida Morzenti
  • Zoe Parker
  • Mike Rogers and Kathleen Donovan
  • Joan Selchau
  • Caroline and Morgan Zeitler
  • Martha Wagner