Make the Past your Present

When it’s time for gift-giving, shop for your presents in the past. You can celebrate the town of Mendocino and the region’s past with these gift selections from Kelley House Museum. Shop online or stop by the Research Office weekday afternoons.

Walking Tour Passes

Guided Tours of Historic Mendocino

  • $10.00 each

Walking tour passes make perfect gifts for your visitors and yourself!

Great for all ages.

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Give a Kelley House Membership

Kelley House Apple Walk 1871

  • $35 and up

Introduce a new neighbor to what Mendocino means to those who call it their hometown—whether born or “reborn” here. Give a MEMBERSHIP TO KELLEY HOUSE MUSEUM.

Or, if you’re not already a member, treat yourself!

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Publications and DVDs

Give treasured stories of Mendocino past to family, friends or treat yourself. Stories of the City of Mendocino, and the town as it changed in the 20th century. Stories of outstanding individuals and families. Kelley House Museum suggests these Books and DVDs. All prices include tax. Add $5 S&H per item; international, please add $20 S&H.

Coloring Mendocino by Streetcolor

  • $17.00

This is a work of art and coloring book by the artist Streetcolor, known locally for yarnbombing Mendocino, and widely known for her interactive drawing and coloring projects, and urban textile installations done in collaboration with many California museums. She has drawn 28 historic or contemporary scenes, some featuring early settlers drawn from photographs. Display these vibrant drawings, framed or not. You can color bomb Mendocino with crayons or pencils, or recreate their historic appearance and the costumes of early residents.

Up Lighthouse Road by Betsy Wolff Frey

  • Ages 7-12 $10.00

Ginny lives in Pine Grove, Mendocino County, California. She is not pleased with her eighth-grade class assignment, which is to write an autobiography. To make the task more interesting, she decides to create an illustrated autobiography.

Water Tower Duo Special

Water Towers and Windmills of Mendocino by Wally Smith
and DVD: Water Towers of Mendocino by Barry Cusick

  • Special price: $22.00

You’ll learn the purpose and history of the water towers of Mendocino -– both the ones that are gone and those remaining. Enjoy Barry Cusick’s passion and knowledge about these beautiful buildings.

DVD: Saving the Headlands by Mildred Benioff

  • $10.00

This presentation tells the story of how the Mendocino Headlands were saved and the origins of the Historic Preservation District. Mildred Benioff was entrusted with the project by its originator, Emmy Lou Packard, when she left Mendocino. (This is not a professional production. Sound quality is adequate, but not perfect.)

Founders’ Duo

Mendocino (Book One) by Dorothy Bear and Beth Stebbins
and Mendocino Book Two by Dorothy Bear and Beth Stebbins

In Book One: history, architecture, ethnic factions, climate, family histories — it’s all here. Tons of photos. For a good, single overall history of Mendocino life for 120 years, this is it.

  • $18.50

In Book Two: meet the Ford family, founders of Mendocino. Learn about Henry Meiggs and the Mendocino Lumber Company and years of early local history.

  • $19.00

From Maidens to Mavericks, Mendocino’s Women by Molly Dwyer

  • $15.00

Mendocino boasts some strong and remarkable women in its past. This volume honors and remembers some of them. For anyone who loves Mendocino, who lives on the Coast or claims some piece of it for themselves, discovering our foremothers can be transformational.

Thomas H. Petersen Master Shipbuilder by Louis A. Hough

Petersen Review027

  • $12.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. Thomas Petersen built about three dozen wooden vessels: sailing schooners, a barkentine, steam schooners, steam tugs and lighters. Since most of ships were built on the Mendocino Coast, interest in his work here continues. Hough’s book is the first of its kind to document Petersen’s life and works, from his arrival in San Francisco from Denmark in 1857 to his final years in Seattle. In 1914, Petersen dictated his memoirs which provided much of the information that Hough used in this publication. 59 pages.

Mendocino from the Beginning: Twenty Billion Years of History of a Small Town by Don and Wilma Tucker


  • $12.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. Geology, climate, redwoods, natives, explorers, logging, settlers, transportation, immigrants and architecture are all covered with more than 40 black and white photographs.

The Volunteers: History of the Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department by Walt McKeown and Linda Wilson


  • $12.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. Stories and photography on the history of the Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department. Recounts the great fires since 1870, countless heroic rescues and the camaraderie and struggles involved in keeping an all volunteer force intact from 1887 to the present day. 49 pages.

Perley Maxwell’s Mendocino by Bruce Levene


  • $24.95

A collection of over 200 stunning and historic photos by Perley Maxwell an amateur photographer who traveled along the Mendocino Coast during the late 1800s.128 pages.

Bridges, Huckleberries, and Robin Stew by Robert Winn


  • $12.00

A Kelley House Museum Review. Oral history interviews, newspaper research and 30 black and white photos on the impact of government building projects and individual initiative during financially strapped times.

Little River: Yanks in the Redwoods by Frank Baumgardner

Yanks in the Redwoods

  • $12.00

This Mendocino Historical Review recounts how Charles Pullen and Isaiah Stevens, early Little River pioneers, relocated with their families from Maine in the 1800s. Largely reconstructed from the diary of Etta Stevens, daughter of Isaiah.