Mendocino Baptist Church Interior, 1948

Interior of the Mendocino Baptist Church, 1948. Four of the chairs in this photo now reside in the Kelley House Museum kitchen. The Mendocino Baptist Church was dedicated in 1894 by the Reverend John S. Ross of Caspar. This building was a gift of Eliza Kelley to the congregation and was in use until after her death in 1914. The church building is the home of Corners of the Mouth today. (William Heick (photographer), William Heick Collection, Kelley House Photographs)

Coloring Mendocino by Streetcolor – This is a work of art and coloring book by the artist Streetcolor, widely known for her interactive drawing and coloring projects. She has drawn 28 historic or contemporary scenes, some featuring early settlers drawn from photographs. $17.