Private: Keeping today’s history alive for the future, and the past alive for today

Kelley House “Apple Walk” from Lansing Street, 1871

People donate for different reasons, such as payment for research, contributing to our building fund, to honor an individual, or in memory of a loved one.

You are part of history. We are all shaped by the past, with an eye on the future. You are important to Kelley House Museum because you make history in your life every day. Community projects, your business, your volunteer activities, your children and their schools, the annual festivals and festivities. You will be in the archives yourself someday.

Your contribution helps us share the stories of our common history—past and present. We share Mendocino stories with scholars and families doing valuable research in our archives, and through programs and exhibits attended by locals and visitors alike.

Your help is needed because memberships and admissions cover only a small portion of the costs to operate the Museum and research center, and maintain our large park-like site. We receive no government funds and grants are few and project-oriented. We look to the generosity of people like you who share our trust that Kelley House Museum will continue to define and record life in Mendocino today and tomorrow.

Kelley House Museum, Inc. is a 501(c)3. Your donation may be tax deductible, as allowed by law.