Front of Mendosa’s Warehouse Lost in Storm

Mendosa’s Warehouse lost the front of its building due to a damaging storm, 1962. (Gift of Jeanette Hansen, Jeanette Mendosa Hansen Collection, Kelley House Photographs)

October 10, 1962 – The front of Mendosa’s Warehouse was lost during a fierce storm. A crew of men worked hard to prevent greater damage, and the roof and the rest of the walls were preserved.

This property, located on the northwest corner of Lansing and Calpella streets, was once home to the Mansion House, a three-story hotel and livery barn, which was destroyed in July 1899 by one of Mendocino’s worst fires. Nels Peter Anderson purchased the lot the following May and constructed this building to be used as his pool hall. The building remained a pool hall, operated by a series of owners, until 1919 when Thomas Ellison purchased the property.

Ellison’s youngest son Charley went to San Francisco to attend auto mechanic school. When he returned, Charley and his brother Laurie operated a garage and machine shop out of the former pool hall.

In 1925, R. H. Smith introduced a new style of shopping at his Box Factory Market located here – Self Service. Patrons entered one door, selected their plainly marked items, paid the cashier, and exited through another door.

Mendosa Bros. acquired this building in 1933 to use as their warehouse. Today, the building houses Anderson’s Alternatives, a custom furniture shop, wood art gallery, and retail lumber outlet.

More historical photos of Mendocino available in “Perley Maxwell’s Mendocino,” by Bruce Levene. Includes the Mendocino High School Photography Students 2002 Then & Now Project. $25.