Cattle Invade S & E Garage

Sutherland’s Garage on Main Street in Mendocino, 1936-1951. The building on the right was formerly the S & E Garage. The building on the left is a gas and service station built in 1936. This property is now Schlafer’s Garage. (Kelley House Collection, Kelley House Photographs)

October 9, 1928 – A band of 60 dairy cows were driven through Mendocino by Joe Quaill’s vaqueros. The cattle had been sold and were being herded from the south coast to Fort Bragg for shipment by rail to their destination.

While passing the S & E Garage, the cows spied the big open doors, and evidently mistaking the garage for a barn, the entire herd rushed in. The milling, bawling band of bovines crowded into the showroom display of new automobiles, overflowed into the workshop area, and filled the main floor of the garage. The principal fear was that those packed in the showroom would take fright and stampede through the immense glass windows and cause a lot of damage. Just how to get rid of their unwelcome visitors was a question.

Fortunately, one of the employees had lived on a ranch and knew how to handle cows. He slipped into the showroom with a wad of hay in his hand, and the critters all followed him out without doing any significant damage.

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