Board and Staff

Why I love the Kelley House Museum:

Steven Smith

“I have been visiting the town of Mendocino since I was a child and have lived here now for over ten years. One of the most striking aspects of living here is the strong sense of community. The Kelley House serves to anchor us to the development of this community over time and strengthen those community bonds.”

Sarah Nathe

The Kelley House offers a window into the past on the Mendocino coast and an open door to the rest of the world. Each day I work as a docent I meet people interested in our history who also have fascinating stories of their own, some from nearby and others from far-flung parts of the globe. As Faulkner said, The past is never dead; it’s not even past.”

Kevin Buck

“The Kelley House is a treasure trove of history of the early North Coast pioneers whose vision and courage developed a vast and beautiful resource.”

Megan Coddington Smith

Megan Smith2

“Many of you may know me from my past years associated with the Kelley House Museum, also known as Megan Coddington. I was executive director from 1990 to 1996 and again from 2005 to 2007. I had the privilege of knowing Dorothy Bear, one of the founders of the Mendocino Historical Research, Inc and Kelley House Museum. I started visiting Mendocino in the early 1960s and moved to Fort Bragg in 1990. Over the years I have developed an appreciation for the importance of our history and how important that history is to the community. We must protect and preserve that history so this amazing community continues to be what we know and love as Mendocino.

Jane Tillis

“HISTORY! I am here because I love the history of the area! Joining the Kelley House Museum gave me the opportunity to learn about the area and to impart it to people who are visiting. We have many books and periodicals that make it so much fun to learn (and it’s easy as well).

I moved to California in 1985 and to the coast in 2009. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, I spent several years in San Diego, Sacramento and Oakland before moving here. All big cities — until I moved here! I much prefer small towns and the rural life.”

Antonia Hurst

I like the Kelley House because it is a warm and lively community of local history lovers. Whether volunteering, researching in the archives, or attending one of our wonderful parties, I enjoy being at the Kelley House and sharing it with people who come and visit.

Karen McGrath, Director-Curator

Karen is responsible for the development, management and operation of the museum and archives. She also plans and executes the exhibits and assists with donor development, marketing efforts, community outreach and general operations.

Cindy Arch, Operations Manager

Cindy handles general operations of the organization including membership, publicity and public information, board and fundraising support.