1924 World Series

Vintage RCA Radiola Semi-Portable Radio, Model AR-812, Broadcast Band Only (MW), Battery Powered, 6 UV199 Vacuum Tubes, Paired With A Radiola Model 100 Speaker, c. 1924. (Source: Joe Haupt, Creative Commons license)

October 4, 1924 – Howard Brown displayed his superheterodyne radio set at Stone’s Jewelry Store on Main Street, allowing Mendocino baseball fans to listen to Game 1 of the 1924 World Series being played at Griffith Stadium in Washington, D. C. The game was relayed from the Oakland Post Enquirer and came in very clear, play by play, over the radio. It was a treat to those who listened in, and Brown’s kindness was appreciated by those who enjoyed the game.

The first commercial superheterodyne receiver, the RCA Radiola AR-812, was released on March 4, 1924, priced at $286 (equivalent to $4,320 today). It was a commercial success, with better performance than competing receivers.

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